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Issue 15

Publisher:  Jack Burlin                                Editor:  Patti Hammonds

September 1, 2006

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Articles of Interest: Structure, Stability, and Protection           Part 15:  "When is a toilet like a salt shaker?"

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Your Success Story


 I received my shelving yesterday.  The shelves were easy to put together and the size is perfect for our needs  Thanks for making this a perfect transaction.  Please send me any brochures or collateral I can display in my furniture companyís showroom which may be of interest to our clients who take advantage of GSA contracts.

 Have a great day. 


Jason Kraus
Systems Engineer, Guam and Micronesia


Monthly Product Special

"East Coast" Server Cabinet
Front View

"East Coast "Server Cabinet
Rear view
Split Doors

Anti-tip Legs

Protective Grill
and Grommet

Side View

Cable Management Area

Front Door
Triple Lock Mechanism


Information Support Concepts (ISC) is introducing a new line of Server Cabinet.  The Server Series is manufactured in Europe, and has all the outstanding features normally found in the Netserver line.  Of the 35.8 inches of usable depth, 29" is dedicated to racking, while the remaining 6.8" is dedicated to cable management.  There are separate side panels for access to either area.  The  grommet in the bottom has a removable cover plate.  The lockable swing handle controls a three-point locking mechanism.  26U, 36U, and 42U are the standard sizes available. 
There are similar amenities throughout this design that are unavailable in higher priced server cabinets. 
We are calling this the "East Coast" cabinet to highlight the reduced shipping costs for our clients in that area of the country.
Compare these Server Cabinet Features:
  • Extra deep to accommodate servers
  • Welded corner construction 
  • Perforated curved metal front door included
  • Perforated metal double construction split rear doors included
  • Side panels with snap closures and locks included
  • Triple locking mechanism 
  • Finished with a black powder coat 
  • Casters included 
  • Leveling feet with extended anti-tip legs included
  • Multiple cable entry points 
  • Vented top with knock-outs for six 4.5" fans, or fan trays
  • Solid metal bottom with ventilation knock-outs and protective grill
  • Adjustable mounting rails included with square untapped holes
  • Numbered U-Marks
  • Standard 19" rackmount width
  • 35.8" usable depth 
  • 40 piece mounting kit included
  • UL and cUL listed 
  • Maximum load capacity: 1,777 lbs

Call ISC at 800-458-6255 for more information. 
Mention the September newsletter article for 5% off*!

*The 5% discount  will be applied to retail customers only, and cannot be combined with other offers. 
 Valid through September 30, 2006. 

Structure, Stability, Protection:

The Three Decision Making Factors When
Purchasing a Server Cabinet

by Andrea Maruschak


The decision to purchase a server cabinet can be a difficult and challenging one.  IT managers must ensure that their sensitive electronic equipment is protected and enclosed in a cabinet that offers superior quality.  The three main components that are crucial when choosing the perfect cabinet for a specific application are structure, stability and protection.



The first priority in finding shelter for expensive and sensitive servers is to look for a fully enclosed cabinet specifically made to house servers.  A welded and folded steel frame is
essential in achieving a solid cabinet structure.  The genius of the folded steel cabinet comes
from the bending process.  If you simply take a sheet of 14-gauge (2mm) steel, it can be easily bent because it is fairly thin.  However, when the steel is rolled with seven folds in each corner (making for twenty-eight total folds per cabinet frame), the structure becomes increasingly solid with each fold.  The main structural basis of each cabinet is the frame, and the folded frame increases the maximum load capacity due to each corner profile being brought together to form
a super sturdy exterior structure. 

Donít be fooled, the steel folding process alone does not make a sturdy cabinet.  The top and bottom of the cabinet must be secured to the folded frame by welding the pieces together for 100% assurance that you will have a cabinet that will hold a vast amount of equipment weight.  The complete strength of a cabinet comes from the amount of folds and a truly welded base
and top.



Both extra stability and a higher load capacity are added to the cabinet when additional steel
folds and stabilizing rods are placed in other parts of the cabinet.  Vertical profiles made from folded steel increase stability and support heavier loads when added to the above mentioned folded frame.  The most beneficial place for additional vertical profiles is just beyond the mid-point of the cabinet running from top to bottom.  Horizontal stability is achieved by C-Rails inside the cabinet (running from front to rear on each side), with eight providing significantly more stability than six.



Along with structure and stability, protection and security should be key factors that influence your decision when purchasing server cabinets.  Water, dust or insect invasion can be a death sentence to electronic equipment.  A fully enclosed cabinet with welded construction prevents
the entrance of unwanted physical and environmental elements from the top or bottom of the cabinet.  Lockable front and back doors featuring a three-point locking mechanism ensure a top level of security and protection against unauthorized access.  The lockable doors and side panels should only be accessible by using the original key provided by the manufacturer.  A great feature to look for in a server cabinet is perforated front and back doors.  The perforation protects against equipment overheating, and allows for air flow throughout the entire cabinet. 
All cabinets should also be painted with an electrostatic powder coating process not only to increase the quality and durability of the cabinet, but also to add to the overall look. 


Structure, stability and protection should be essential features to look for when deciding to purchase server cabinets for your office or data center.  Above all, you must have confidence
in the equipment you choose for your data and networking needs.  It is important to trust that your electronic equipment will be protected and held safely inside a sturdy and stable enclosure while still incorporating the looks that aesthetically fit your environment. 



ISC has the perfect solution for organizing and protecting your new equipment.
The "East Coast" cabinet on special this month has all the features listed above.
Don't put your hardware in danger, call the rackmount ranger!
  Call 800-458-6255 for help in selecting the correct product for your application.



Trivia Question

Here is another question from the early days of television.

Q:  What were the names of the two ghosts (man and wife) who were only seen by Cosmo Topper (played by
Leo G. Carroll) on the Topper TV show? 

All correct answers will be placed into a pool for a random drawing at the end of the month.  The winner will receive a free Virtually Indestructible Keyboard (part number FLX-2000), plus free ground shipping.  Send your answers to: 
Jack Burlin

See next month's newsletter for the winner and the correct answer.

Answer from August's Newsletter.

Q:  What were the names (one for each head) of the two-headed dragon in the Crusader Rabbit cartoon series?

A:  Arson and Sterno.

The winner was Paul Connally



A Kevinism is a funny or intriguing statement or idea from our Vice President of Sales, Kevin Hunt.  Kevin is a big fan of Sandra Bullock, Pizza Inn black olive pizza, and Dr. Pepper (not necessarily in that order).  He is not a big fan of Chinese food, seafood, or other types of "dead" stuff.

Kevin professes to be a vegetarian.  I have my doubts as there are a very large number of vegetables that Kevin won't eat.  In addition, he eats Texas barbeque about once a week, and justifies it by saying the barbecue sauce hides the dead flavor.

Many of the restaurants we go to are chosen strictly for how vegetarian friendly they are.  Chili's, Bennigan's, Friday's, and many others have veggie-burgers, so they make Kevin's list of favorite restaurants.  The gardenburger at Friday's was a special favorite of Kevin's because it was the tastiest of the lot. 

One thing I can never figure out is why vegetarians like veggie-burgers.  The more they taste like real burgers, the more "dead" flavor they have.  Yet the vegetarians are always striving to avoid the dead flavor.  Very paradoxical if you ask me.

The last time we went to Friday's, Kevin ordered the gardenburger (well done, with no pink inside).  Imagine his disappointment when he learned they were no longer selling gardenburgers!  Kevin demanded to see the manager and was explaining all the reasons why they should bring back the gardenburger.  All this time being spent on a guy who had no control over the corporate policy, and probably did not care anyway.  Since this episode, Friday's has been dropped from Kevin's list of favorites.

Bennigan's used to sell the Boca-burger.  They even had T-shirts made promoting the "Boca Boy."  Since Kevin is the quintessential Boca Boy we were able to get one of these for Kevin, and although the Boca-burger was not Kevin's favorite (I guess it did not taste like a real burger), it was always his choice at Bennigan's.  Imagine his shock and disappointment when Bennigan's discontinued the Boca-burger!  This happened not long after the incident at Friday's.  Having the veggie-burger pulled from two restaurants in short succession was almost too much for Kevin.  It was like vegetarians were being unfairly targeted. Fortunately, Bennigan's  replaced the Boca-burger with a black-bean based entry (similar to Chili's) called the Vegginator. 

Sami Eller, the General Manager at the Bennigan's on Highway 360 in Arlington (store # 4489) heard Kevin's story about the Boca Boy T-shirt, and was kind enough to provide a Vegginator T-shirt for Kevin.  Here is Kevin's photo in his new T-shirt.

I guess Kevin won't be visiting Friday's anytime soon, and I also guess the Friday's staff are not particularly lamenting the fact.  Bennigan's is probably going to get a lot more of Kevin's patronage, and we can hardly wait to see the expression on each servers' face when Kevin asks for the Vegginator, well done, with no pink inside.


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When is a toilet

 like a salt shaker?


Part 15  Continued from August

     Since the October 2005 issue the following personality types have been defined:

The men who prefer the toilet seat up are: Macho Men
The women who prefer the toilet seat up are: Fairy Godmothers
The men who prefer the toilet seat down are: Men of Leisure
The women who prefer the toilet seat down are: Queens of the Realm
The men who prefer the lid down are: Paleolithic Men
The women who prefer the lid down are: Interior Decorators
The men who have no preference are: Philosopher Kings
The women who have no preference are: Warrior Princesses

     In the July issue, we used the chart below to address the conflicts that can arise when different personalities interact within the same household.  Conflict is inevitable when multiple personalities interact, although the level of conflict differs depending on which of the four types of men are interacting with which of the four types of women.  We have already gone over the intersections where no conflict exists (NC).  This month we are going to cover the instances of possible conflict, represented below by the + OR - symbol.

  Macho Man Man of Leisure Paleolithic Man Philosopher King
     Fairy Godmother NC + OR - + OR - + OR -
     Queen of the Realm ++ NC + +
     Interior Decorator ++ + OR - ++ +
     Warrior Princess NC NC NC NC

     Here is what the symbols in the above grid represent:

     NC = no conflict,     + OR - = possible conflict,     + = minor conflict,     ++ = major conflict

     Conflict Analysis - Minor Conflicts

     The Queen of the Realm has minor conflicts with both the Paleolithic Man and the Philosopher King.  The Philosopher King also has a minor conflict with the Interior Decorator. 

     The Philosopher King's conflicts result from the "illogical" nature of both the Queen of the Realm and the Interior Decorator.  We know that the women don't need to have a logical reason for the way they like the toilet seat placed, they just want it their way.  This drives the Philosopher King crazy.  He spends all his time trying to persuade the women to change.  Naturally, they have no intention of changing, so this is a constant source of irritation to the Philosopher King.  The women living with a Philosopher King have very little stress, as they usually ignore any argument he might devise.  The Queen of the Realm wants the seat down and the lid up, and is generally immune to any arguments, analogies, entreaties, or other discussions related to any reason where she might be perceived to be "in error."  She simply is not going to accept the fact that she is in error.  The interior decorator wants the toilet seat and lid down, and cannot understand why the Philosopher King can't grasp this idea.  She is also immune to arguments, analogies, or entreaties, especially because her motivation is strictly aesthetic and not involved with logic at all.  The Philosopher King has two choices to fall back on when he cannot convince or persuade the women to change.  He can either dig in his heels and continue to argue, probably raising his blood pressure and reducing his life expectancy, or he can transition to one of the other personality types.  If he lives with a Queen of the Realm he will become a Man of Leisure and all will be well.  If he lives with an Interior Decorator, he will also become a Man of Leisure, but he will have to remember to put the lid down.  If he fails to do this, he might still get "reminders" that might continue to cause some minor irritation.  However, he will have given up trying to get the woman to change her behavior, so the impact will be minimal.

     The Queen of the Realm also has a minor conflict with the Paleolithic Man.  He likes the lid down so he can stand on it when necessary.  She likes the lid up.  This conflict is rarely out in the open, and instead exists as a subtle struggle for supremacy in the bathroom.  If the Paleolithic Man finds the lid up when he wants to stand on the toilet, he does not blithely disregard it (and get a wet foot).  He will simply put the lid down.  When the Queen of the Realm finds the lid down, she does not blithely disregard it.  She will simply raise the lid.  Since major accidents (like falling in) are impossible, there is little tension over the use of the toilet.  The tension is more about who is going to have ultimate control.  This situation can exist for a very long period of time, with neither side budging, but also with neither side being particularly inconvenienced.  If it is going to resolve at all, the Paleolithic Man usually "evolves" to become a Man of Leisure.  The Man of Leisure is perfectly capable of using the toilet as a ladder or a chair, but will then put the lid back up when his task is completed.

Continued next month with the areas where major conflicts arise between different personalities in the same house.



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