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Issue 1
July 5, 2005


Jack Burlin

Bonny Lovett

             OUR VERY FIRST ISSUE! 
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The purpose of the newsletter is to help make your life better and to help you solve problems you may be encountering in managing your infrastructure.  We will be providing you with product information, general information related to the industry and current trends, and with some humor and points of interest.

The timing of our first newsletter is coincidental with the launch of a new product line.  We are introducing the Flexiunit enclosure system which offers significant advantages based on the shared upright concept.


Flexiunit Server Cabinets (Patent Pending) are low cost, full featured cabinets that utilize a shared upright concept to save money and space.  Sharing of the upright between adjacent cabinets saves approximately 32% of the cost, plus 2 inches per additional bay.  Beginning with an open Starter Cabinet, expand with as many Add-On Cabinets as needed.  If desired, you can dress out the system with locking mesh doors, vented top panels, fan kits, shelves, and various vertical and horizontal cable management accessories.  One of the best features of the Flexiunit is it's ability to ship knocked down via UPS.  It is great for those situations where access is difficult and space is tight.  It can be assembled in small areas where a welded cabinet cannot be used.

For more information on the Flexiunit, use this link to review all the features and compare prices:  Flexiunit!

BP MS 150 Bike Tour
ISC recently sponsored a team of riders in the BP MS 150 Bike Tour from Houston to Austin, Texas on April 16 and 17th.  British Petroleum (BP) was the primary corporate sponsor of this event, which raised money to support patients suffering the effects of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in Texas.
Our team was provided with blue T-Shirts with the ISC logo, and they were able to display an ISC banner at their camp site after completion of the first day's ride.  The group, including Greg Jeffries and his wife Becky Jeffries, proudly wore their shirts on to the grounds of the Texas State Capitol in Austin at the completion of the two-day, 150 mile ride.  The team was among 13,000 registered participants in the ride, which was supported by 3000 volunteers from many of the corporate sponsors.  Among the dignitaries at the starting point was Governor Rick Perry.
The team raised money for MS by getting pledges for the miles they were to ride.  Money was still being raised well into June, so we don't have the final amount yet, but will report exactly how much money the ISC team raised when the number is available.



When is a toilet

like a salt shaker?


Serialized from the book of the same name by Jack Burlin



When looking at all the problems in the world today, the one addressed herein would seem to be very trivial.  However, when you consider that the problem probably exists in every household in America, it may not be so trivial after all.

This book is written from my own experiences and insights.  I am hopeful it will give readers a few laughs, make them re-evaluate their own personalities and relationships, and maybe even solve a major problem or source of stress in their lives.  At the very least, I hope to save people a little time and effort by eliminating an argument that continually recurs.


The Problem

My wife and I are both over fifty, and have been married for over 30 years.  We rarely ever argue, but at one time we did have a recurring discussion about the toilet seat.  Not specifically about the toilet seat itself, but about its position.  Succinctly:  Should the toilet seat be left up or down?

My wife would occasionally confront me with this complaint:  "Why don't you leave the toilet seat down?"  My usual answer was that I didn't really pay much attention to the problem, and did not see any particular reason to change.  She usually found this to be unsatisfactory, but also would usually drop the subject.  At least until next time.

As time would go by, the problem would come up again, and she would ask the question again.  Being the logical type, I decided I would make such a strong and persuasive argument, with such a brilliant analogy, that the sheer preponderance of logic would make my wife see that I was right.  This was my first mistake.

Continued in the next issue of the newsletter.



A Kevinism is a funny or intriguing statement or idea from our VP of Sales, Kevin Hunt.  Kevin is a big fan of Sandra Bullock, Pizza Inn black olive pizza, and Dr. Pepper (not necessarily in that order).  He is not a big fan of Chinese food, seafood, and other types of "dead" stuff.

Our inaugural Kevinism is a classic called "flavorshot."  Flavorshot is Kevin's idea for duck hunters.  Instead of steel shot, why not use a specially manufactured pellet that is a hard, dense combination of spices?  That way, you don't have to worry about finding the steel shot, you just cook the duck and it seasons itself!


Monthly Product Special




     ISC recently participated in a technology forum broadcast on PAX television on June 22 and June 30.  Our segment detailed the advantages of using a combination monitor/mouse/keyboard drawer in lieu of all the individual components.  The amount of rack space saved is significant, helping to maximize the use of cabinet space in data centers and similar high density applications. 
     ISC can provide combos with various sizes of LCD displays, different keyboard configurations, different pointing devices, and can include an integral KVM switch as well.
     Call 817-649-1788 to discuss which model best meets your needs.  Mention the July newsletter article for free* freight!
     Here is the link:  COMBOS!





Your Success Story
Friday May 13, 2005

Dear Trish:

Thanks so very much for being more than just a sales representative, but also a representative of human kindness, and willingness to talk with a customer at the same time.  It is obvious you care.  I was brought up the same way and my business was extremely successful so I retired at a very nice early age.  I always felt success was due to the customer and my employees - not anything due to me.
About two months ago I added several new pieces of external equipment to my work station. 
I have been doing serious photo and video editing and required massive hard drives and fast dvd burners.
To these I added a second high end laptop computer, 2 scanners, 3 printers, 2 dvd/vcr combination units and a video transmitter.  This created an absolute jungle maze of wires and cables.
Everything was connected to four 6 outlet power strips tucked behind the equipment and was virtually inaccessible for changing plugs if I wanted to relocate an item.
I started looking at well known name brand 36 to 48 inch power strips that could be mounted horizontally on the workstation and have outlets about every 4 to 6 inches so to be in proximity to the pieces of equipment.  Also, I needed spacing between outlets for some equipment with "plug in" transformers.  Ideally the plugs would be positioned with the ground opening down so the weight of the transformer would be carried without a twisting motion.  A lighted switch and circuit breaker was sought for convenience and safety.  Surge protection was not considered an absolute necessity but would be nice.
After searching the local electric supply houses here in New Hampshire, and some well known Internet sites I was appalled to find power strips meeting my criteria just didn't seem to exist.  Anything even close carried a price tag of $60.00 to $125.00.
I did another search and somehow ended up at your site.  In less than a minute I determined you had exactly what I needed AND at a price about one half  that of the "big guys."  As a bonus I even got some surge protection built in.
I ordered online and got a follow up call from the account manager to confirm the order and talk about the product. The power strips arrived within 5 days and I am now the envy of the neighborhood with NO MORE WIRING SPIDER WEBS. 
It is refreshing to do business with a company that obviously cares about the customer first and foremost.  I wish to thank Information Support Concepts and especially you Trish for making my purchase a pleasure and a rewarding experience from start to finish.  I am sure the finish is in the future for I intend to check with you first for my future needs.
-----------------------------------------------------Kenneth B. Parsons

Each issue we will feature a client's success story.  Please send your stories to Jack Burlin.  If we publish it here, we will send you a discount coupon or special item to say thanks.




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