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Issue 5

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November 5, 2005

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Your Success Story

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the LCD monitoring desks I purchased from ISC.  They went together flawlessly, and gave us the high–tech  look and feel we were looking for.  Having used the monitoring desks and the layout that was recommended we accomplished an easy to access as well as a user friendly and comfortable work environment.
The ease of expandability is another factor why we chose your product. We currently have over 1600 end users that we monitor, and multiple T3 and T1 drops which we have uptime requirements for.  In the future we will have over 50,000 users and worldwide coverage capability, which will give us the capability to make changes with a minimum of headaches due to the versatility of the product.
But I have to say that the folks at ISC were the real difference.  Keith stayed on top of the shipping, delivery, and called during the install to ensure that the product did in fact do what it was suppose to do.
I would recommend you and your team as well as the product to anyone looking for the best of breed solution. 

William A Morrison
Times N Technology

Monthly Product Special


Since the "hottest" issue in data centers today revolves around effective methods of cooling and thermal management (see the report from AFCOM), here is an ISC product that fits perfectly with the theme.  As data center cooling is primarily an issue of air conditioning on a macro level, the second line of defense is likely to be at the individual cabinet (micro) level.  The FC series Thermostatic Fan Control is designed to regulate the cabinet cooling fans based on the temperature in the cabinet.  If the room cooling is sufficient the fan speed (and associated power drain) remain low.  If the room cooling is NOT sufficient, the control unit will raise the fan speed to compensate.  This increases equipment life, reduces service calls, and consumes only as much power as is necessary to control the cabinet temperature.  Call 800-458-6255 for more information.  Mention the November newsletter article for free freight*!
*Free freight will be applied to retail customers only, and at the standard ground rate.  Valid through November 30, 2005.  Not valid with any other offers.

AFCOM Report

"Hot" Topics from AFCOM
October 11-12, Chicago Hilton


Information Support Concepts, Inc. exhibited a number of products at the AFCOM show in October.  We were giving demonstrations of the SH-2 environmental sensor hub and the RPM 1601 remote power  manager (see photo).  Other items on display in our booth were the Anywhere-Rack, Low Profile Cabinetkeyboard/monitor/mouse combo with KVM over IP, an E-1500 UPS, and a scale model of the command consoles.   See below for a picture of Jack and Kevin in the booth at AFCOM.

RPM1601 Remote Power Manager

We talked with quite a few attendees, and the two issues at the top of each person's list were cooling and remote power. 
Cooling is becoming increasingly important in data centers.  The density, power consumption, and heat buildup are continually increasing, and methods to keep the systems from overheating are key to the successful, long term operation of the data centers.  The seminars on cooling were the best attended at the conference.
Close behind cooling was remote power.  Data center managers are moving towards the point where people will rarely have to enter the data center.  Removing workers from the data center solves a lot of problems, in that you don't need to take up space with monitors and workstations, and you can have a more segregated environment where the only sources of heat are the machines themselves.  In order to monitor and control the entire data center from remote consoles, anything relating to IP (environmental monitoring, remote power, KVM over IP, etc.) is pretty hot right now (pun intended).

ISC offers a number of products that meet the immediate needs of data center managers.  What we were demonstrating at the show was right on target.  Besides the environmental sensors and remote power managers, here are some other products that can address the cooling and remote control issues in data centers today:

  • UPSs that are remotely accessible through the addition of an SNMP card
  • KVM over IP gets the monitors/keyboards and people out of the data centers
  • Thermostatic fan control links fan speed (and associated power consumption) to temperature
  • Vent blockers allow users to optimize the airflow patterns in server cabinets
  • Air conditioned cabinets provide additional cooling options for critical equipment
  • LCD monitoring desks provide workspace from which to control large numbers of servers

Call us at 800-458-6255 for more information on what ISC can do to support your data center operations.



A Kevinism is a funny or intriguing statement or idea from our Vice President of Sales, Kevin Hunt.  Kevin is a big fan of Sandra Bullock, Pizza Inn black olive pizza, and Dr. Pepper (not necessarily in that order).  He is not a big fan of Chinese food, seafood, or other types of "dead" stuff.

Kevin does not tell jokes in the conventional sense.  His jokes take the form of stories where he leads the unsuspecting person on with a lot of plausible detail, until he gets to the punch line.  Of course the punch line is never really very funny, and the story then becomes a "groaner."  An example of this type of story is the one about fly fishing (see the September newsletter).

Kevin frequently tells a story about his "wild" days when he was a student at the Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX.  When Kevin was not studying, he and other students would sometimes visit the "evil metropolis" in the area which was Fort Worth.  Fort Worth had all kinds of things that did not exist in Keene, such as miniature golf, movie theaters, shopping malls, and other places where impressionable young people could be corrupted.  One place in particular caught young Kevin's attention.  This was the club called La Bare.

La Bare is a ladies club where they have male dancers.  Now when Kevin was in college his hair had already turned silver gray (see the photo of Kevin below, or in the October  newsletter), so he easily landed  a job at La Bare.  Before you knew it, he was the hit of the show.  He drove all the girls wild and developed his own "regulars" who would tip very generously if they could slip the bill into his "costume." 

At this point Kevin would lament the circumstances that forced him to quit the business.  When the listener would ask why Kevin would give up such a great career, he would simply answer, "paper cuts."  

Trivia Question
For all of our clients in California, as you know, the state motto is Eureka, which means "I have found it!" in Greek.  Who was the famous Greek mathematician who said "Eureka" and what was the name of his native city?

All correct answers will be placed into a pool for a random drawing at the end of the month.  The winner will receive a free 25 foot reel of reusable velcro cable ties (part number MD88-25RLBK), plus free ground shipping.  Send your answers to:  Jack Burlin

See next month's newsletter for the winner and the correct answer.

Answer from October's Newsletter.

Q:  What is the name of the captain of the battleship USS Maine, at the time it was blown up in Havana harbor, precipitating the Spanish American War and creating the war cry "Remember the Maine!"?

A:  Captain Charles Dwight Sigsbee  

Laura DeSimone of VHB was the first respondent with the correct answer.  Honorable mention to Josh Wickander of Kendall-Howard who gave the answer without the full middle name.

The winner for September (there was a mix up on the emails) was Shannon Jehoich of PDE Technology.  She correctly answered that Britt Reid (the Green Hornet) was the son of Dan Reid, who was the nephew of John Reid (the Lone Ranger).  Congratulations to all our winners!

Kevin inspecting our warehouse

The ISC Newsletter
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When is a toilet

 like a salt shaker?


Part 5  Continued from October

Here is the table of  the names I have applied to each group of respondents to the survey described in the October issue.  This month we will define the Macho Men.

The men who prefer the toilet seat up are: Macho Men
The women who prefer the toilet seat up are: Fairy Godmothers
The men who prefer the toilet seat down are: Men of Leisure
The women who prefer the toilet seat down are: Queens of the Realm
The men who prefer the lid down are: Paleolithic Men
The women who prefer the lid down are: Interior Decorators
The men who have no preference are: Philosopher Kings
The women who have no preference are: Warrior Princesses

Macho Men

Macho Men are very proud of their ability to go to the bathroom standing up.  As an added bonus, women can't do it!  This gives Macho Men the feeling of superiority.  Macho Men do not like the seat down because it slows down the whole process.  Sometimes when they are in a hurry (because they like to wait until the last possible instant), they don't even bother to raise the seat.  Sometimes (but not often) they will feel guilty if they make a mess, and they may even clean up after themselves.  Generally, however, they think this is "woman's work" and don't bother.

The lid being down presents an even worse problem for the Macho Men, because then you actually have to take the time to raise the lid.  Sometimes if they raise the lid too fast, it hits the back of the toilet and slams back down again!  This is incredibly frustrating (and usually messy) for the Macho Men.  There is a higher probability that they will clean up if this situation occurs, but it is not much higher.

Macho Men definitely do have a preference.  They want the seat up all the time, because it saves them time.  Anything that wastes time is anathema to Macho Men, because that time could be better spent watching sports on TV, working on the car, "fixing" things, working out, etc.

In talking with people after writing the book, I got a lot of comments about the various personalities discussed.  Some of the other classifications have sub-classifications, but I did not initially put one under Macho Men.  Now, however, I have discovered another type of personality:  The Sharpshooter.

The Sharpshooter is the sub-type of the Macho Men who likes the seat up, but does not care if he should find the seat down.  As described above, most Macho Men at least try to raise the seat, and might momentarily morph into Sharpshooters if they are really pressed for time.  They usually feel bad about making a mess and sometimes clean up after themselves.  However, A Sharpshooter does not care if the seat is down, and does not care if he makes a mess, and certainly does not clean up after himself.  This makes the Sharpshooter universally reviled by any women living in the house.  A Sharpshooter has two choices once the woman starts to put pressure on him because of his unacceptable behavior.  Either he can change into one of the other classifications (and going back to being one of the Macho Men is still a significant change for these guys), or he ends up getting his own bathroom.  When a Sharpshooter gets his own bathroom, you can guarantee no one else will ever set foot in it.

Continued next month with the Fairy Godmothers



The "real" macho men.


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